Home Movies

Van Wyk Home Movies Vol. 1

  • Van Wyk sisters and relatives
  • Christmas
  • Snow play
  • Bonnie in leg cast
  • Ice skating
  • Pony, Fury 1
  • Uncle Elvin’s farm
  • Riding a colt
  • Family farm
  • Badlands, SD
  • Yellowstone, WY
  • Baby Joy
  • Van Wyk grandparent’s anniversary
  • Basketball game


Van Wyk Home Movies Vol. 2

  • Basketball game in gym
  • John and Bonnie’s wedding
  • Soccer on the farm
  • Norm pulling kids on toboggan with ATV
  • Trip to mountains
  • Zoo
  • Sand dunes
  • Tire swinging
  • Christmas
  • Boating and fishing trip
  • Ed and Karen’s wedding
  • Bernie and Rosa’s wedding
  • Bob and Diane’s wedding
  • Abby, Kim


From Iowa With Love

  • May 1989
  • Family at Norm and Marilyn’s house on Marion Street
  • Baby Brandon
  • Men’s choir with Bernie
  • Roofing a house
  • Grandpa and Grandma Van Gorp in their house in Sully
  • Bob and Diane’s house in the country
  • Sunken Gardens
  • People cruising the Square in Pella
  • Glockenspiel
  • Dot and Dwayne Bruxvoort’s house
  • Karen’s house


Van Wyk Christmas, 1990

  • December 1990
  • Family get-together at Norm and Marilyn’s house
  • Kid’s performing with recitals, piano, stories
  • Family singing Christmas Carols
  • Conversation with Grandpa Van Gorp


Norm And Marilyn’s New Home In Timber Ridge, 1992

  • Summer, 1992
  • Bonnie narrates a tour of Norm and Marilyn’s new house in Timber Ridge.


Norm and Marilyn’s 40th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

  • Norm and Marilyn’s 40th wedding anniversary party, 1994
  • Becky honor choir


Steve and Joy’s Wedding, Colorado Vacation Bonnie’s
40th Birthday, Norm’s 60th Birthday, 1995

  • Spring and Summer 1995
  • Steve and Joy’s wedding
  • Family in city park
  • Steve and Joy’s apartment
  • Weenie roast at Norm and Marilyn’s
  • Camping trip to Colorado with Kye and Sue
  • Marilyn’s flower beds
  • Norm and Steve fishing in Timber Ridge pond
  • Bonnie’s 40th birthday party at Norm and Marilyn’s
  • Water balloon volleyball
  • Norm’s 60th birthday party


Father’s Day in Leighton, Colorado Springs,
Fishing at Timber Ridge Pond, Christmas 1996

  • Spring through Christmas, 1996
  • Marilyn’s spring flowers
  • Family around fire ring at Norm and Marilyn’s house at
  • Timber Ridge
  • Basketball game at Norm and Marilyn’s
  • Fishing at Timber Ridge pond, geese
  • Kim’s graduation quilt
  • Father’s day in Leighton
  • Softball game
  • Norm and Marilyn visit Bob and Diane in Colorado Springs
  • Trip to sand dunes
  • Pikes Peak
  • Garden of the Gods
  • Randy and Karen pogo-stick in Norm and Marilyn’s driveway
  • Randy chasing puppy in yard
  • Kids washing Norm’s truck
  • Fishing at Timber Ridge pond
  • Sisters gathering for pictures in front yard
  • Norm and Norma canoeing in Timber Ridge pond
  • Christmas
  • Christmas readings, recitals, open presents
  • January 1997, ice fishing


Christmas at the Van Wyks, 1997

  • Christmas, 1997
  • Opening presents
  • BB gun target practice
  • Mari and Teresa playing handheld fishing game


Newborns Isaac and Lauren, Bernie’s 40th Birthday 1999

  • Steve, Joy, Norm, Marilyn in hospital with newborn Isaac
  • Joy and Brady with Isaac at home
  • Isaac gets a bath
  • Isaac’s baptism
  • Becky and Rianne sing “You Are a Masterpiece”
  • Family visits Bob and Diane in Colorado for Lauren’s baptism
  • Bernie’s 40th birthday party


John and Bonnie’s Wedding

  • John and Bonnie’s Wedding
    • Dress fittings
    • Rehearsal
    • Wedding
    • Reception


Van Wyk Family Reunion, Frisco, CO., 1999

  • Van Wyk family reunion in Frisco, Colorado, July, 1999.
  • Teresa, Rianne, Jenny, Angie, Katey.
  • Family on deck of condo, barbecuing.
  • Panorama of Dillon Reservoir and mountains.
  • Norma and baby Lauren in living room,
  • Kris has altitude sickness.
  • Panorama of Continental Divide at Loveland Pass.
  • Dillon Reservoir with Frisco beyond, from Sapphire Point.
  • Mountainside Condos, where we stayed,
  • view from Sapphire Point.
  • Dillon Reservoir, Frisco beyond.
  • Katey and Brady with babies Lauren and Isaac.
  • Bicycling around Mountainside condos.
  • Views of condos, clubhouse, mountain stream, footbridge.
  • Sunday, July 4, 1999.  Family church service in condo.
  • Family singing together.
  • Riding tandem bikes.
  • Sisters on footbridge, posing for pictures, being silly.
  • Sisters, Norm, Marilyn on footbridge.
  • Sisters and Marilyn standing in cold mountain stream.
  • Family gathered for pictures outside.