Unnamed Male Child

Unnamed Male Child

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Today the 10th of January, eighteen hundred and eighty-eight, before me the undersigned Official of the

Civil Registry of gemeente Haarlemmermeer, appeared Willem van Wijk, occupation of farmer, thirty-eight years old, living in Haarlemmermeer, and Pieter Kooij, occupation of laborer, forty-seven years old, living in Haarlemmermeer, who have reported to me the still-born child of the male sex of the first-born declarant and his housewife Trijntje van den Heuvel, without occupation and living at Haarlemmermeer; which child on the 9th of January this month in the afternoon at 3:00, in the house standing here numbered four—D, is come into the world.


And after making this document and reading it, it was signed by the declarants.


<signatures>                                                                                                      The named Official.

  1. van Wijk <illegible signature>
  2. Kooij


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