Marion Van Wyk

Marion Van Wyk, son of Willem and Trijntje Vanden Heuvel Van Wyk, was born in Haarlemmermeer, Noord Holland, the Netherlands, on August 29, 1880. He came to America in June 1892, at age 11 years, with his parents and ten siblings. The family settled on a farm near Galesburg, Iowa.

Marion married Anna Van Genderen (1888-1995), daughter of John and Susan Voss Van Genderen, in 1909 at Pella, Iowa. Marion was 27 years old and looking for land to farm and found there was little land available around home. He had heard about land available “out west” in the Ocheyedan area. In 1905 the railroad came through Ocheyedan in northwest Iowa, heading west. Marion made the trip by train to investigate, riding in the livestock car. He returned and told his young wife, Anna, there was land available up there. In 1910 they moved to the Ocheyedan area by train with all their livestock and possessions.

Marion and Anna rented a farm for a short time between May City and Ocheyedan, where son Lawrence was born in 1911.  A short time later, they bought a farm of 100 acres, land with no buildings. They built a small house to be expanded later. That winter was so cold that when Anna mopped the floor, the water would freeze. Lawrence was a baby at that time and his mother missed the more civilized living she had grown up with. She said she would “crawl back east” to Pella if she could, “where the winds don’t blow and the gardens are green.”

Both Marion and Anna were hard workers. They built fences and livestock buildings, added to the house, planted apple trees and shade trees, shrubs, flowers, and gardens. They raised and sold Chester White hogs for breeding stock and exhibited at local and regional fairs. Anna raised chickens and sold hatching eggs and breeding stock so other farm wives could develop their own flocks. In time, they turned the bare land into a successful farm. Marion had a business card, most unusual in those times.

Marion and Anna were the parents of three sons: Lawrence David, Gysbert Henry, and Willard Dale.

Marion died in November of 1950. Anna later moved to Ocheyedan where she lived for several years. She lived at Prairie View Home at Sanborn for one year, then moved to the Country View Manor at Sibley in 1984. Anna died in 1995 at the age of 106 years. Marion and Anna were members of the Christian Reformed Church of Ocheyedan. They are buried at the Ocheyedan Township Cemetery, Ocheyedan, Iowa.

Marion Van Wyk (1880-1950) X1909 Anna Van Genderen (1888-1995)

  1. Lawrence David Van Wyk (1911-2000) x1933 Kathryn Hibma (1912-2003)
    1. Alvin Lloyd Van Wyk (1941) x1969 Joyce Rae De Bruin (1943)
      1. Christianne Joy Van Wyk (1977) x2011 Eric Christensen (1986)
        1. Shanae Kassandra Haan (1995)
        2. Gavin Kade Belken (2001)
      2. David Allen Van Wyk (1981)
    2. Mary Ann Van Wyk (1946-1946)
    3. Wayne Lee Van Wyk (1948)
  2. Gysbert Henry Van Wyk (1915-1964) x1943 Madeline Calendar
    1. Donald Guy Van Wyk (1944) x1969 Sue Beard — divorced 1984; 2×1986 Becky Hicks (1957)
      1. Ronald Van Wyk (1968)
      2. Donald James Van Wyk (1971) x2003 Diane Fleming (1970)
        1. Amy Christine Nicole Van Wyk (2004)
    2. Robert Bums Van Wyk (1946) X1966 Sharon Kay Anfinson (1947)
      1. Annika Rose Van Wyk (1980) x2006 Mike Gonzolez
        1. Kimberlyn Rose Gonzolez (2006)
  3. Willard Dale Van Wyk (1926-1981) X1958 Phyllis Gene Willemssen (1930)
    1. Brenda Sue Van Wyk (1959) x1982 Wayne Poss — divorced 2004; 2×2007 Daniel Hoffman (1960)
      1. Anna Jean Poss (1985)
      2. Emily Marie Poss (1988)
      3. Rachel Lyn Poss (1991)
    2. Ryan Dale Van Wyk (1968) x1991 Tricia Kay Gruis (1971)
      1. Shelley Kay Van Wyk (1992)
      2. Reid Philip Van Wyk (1996)
      3. Jarrett Ryan Van Wyk (2000)

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