This is the genealogy and life story of Willem Van Wijk (William Van Wyk) (1849-1917), who emigrated from the Netherlands to America in 1892, and his many descendants.

The genealogical listing of 1350-1849 was compiled by Michael Van Wijk (1930-2001) of Ontario, Canada, and J. C. Van Wijk of the Netherlands.  These men thoroughly researched Van Wijk family records back to 1930.  J.C. Van Wijk did research and translations in the Netherlands.  Michael Van Wijk, who immigrated to Canada from the Netherlands and lived in Ontario, Canada, traveled to Colorado, Kansas, Iowa, and various parts of the United States to personally visit and research the Van Wijk name.  In the 1960’s, Michael Van Wijk came several times to the Pella/Sully/Monroe areas and visited in the homes of Willem Van Wyk’s sons and families.  From time to time, Michael Van Wijk would publish his current findings and information, which he generously shared with all branches of Van Wyk/Van Wijk families.  The information was in the form of a newsletter known as The Purple Thread.

The genealogical listing of 1849-2011 is a continuation of Van Wyk Ancestral Line 1350-1994 published by Freda R. Vande Wall of Pella, Iowa in 1992.  For many years Mrs. Henry (Christina) Van Wyk (1887-1969) kept written records of births, marriages, and deaths of the Willem Van Wyk families.  Freda R. Vande Wall continued the task of keeping Willem Van Wyk genealogy.  These records were published in her books Van Wyk Ancestral Line 1350-1983, Addendum to the Van Wyk Ancestral Line 1350-1983, and van Wyk Ancestral Line 1350-1991.

We have recorded genealogical information as families give it to us.  Some families provided complete family information while others provided minimal information, so the reader will notice variations in content.  We regret and apologize for any errors, omissions, and mistakes on our part.  Our intention was to do our best with the records, materials, and information available to us.

A BIG THANK YOU – to Michael Van Wijk, J.C. Van Wijk, Mrs. Henry (Christina) Van Wyk, and Freda R. Vande Wall for building a foundation for this book.

A BIG THANK YOU – to Calvin Bandstra who assisted with the translations and contributed to the Van Wyk, Vanden Heuvel, and De Bont histories and genealogies.

A BIG THANK YOU – to Elaine Reeves and Donna Steenhoek who did proof reading and counting of descendants of Willem Van Wyk.

A BIG THANK YOU – to Bonnie Primley who designed the book’s text and picture layout.

A BIG THANK YOU – to all of you who contributed your family information for our book – without your names and dates there would be no book – each name listed has a story to tell – this is OUR book.

A BIG THANK YOU – to each of you who helped in any way to make our book and put it together – this was a joint effort of many – thank you – thank you.

May you enjoy Willem Van Wyk.


Elsie Blom, Pella, IA


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